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About us

On September 22, 2013 a group was created, the JUNIOR BALLET LOVERE, formed by young dancers. Since december 1 2014, it has become a Cultural Association.
The aim is to convey the Art of Classical Ballet through attendance at concerts, plays, exhibitions and cultural, sporting and charity events, especially in the local area, and by staging own-productions.


The Artistic Director is Mrs Aurora Grandi.

The repertoire is determined by the Artistic Director in order to provide various experiences, from Classical to Neoclassical, Historical or Character Dances, with particular attention in adapting certains parts of the repertoire to the dancer's grade.

The repertoire of JBL also includes choreographies created specifically for special occasions, depending on the event's duration and number of performers. Each opportunity to perform represents an extremely important moment for the formation of a dancer.

That's why the Classical and Neoclassical Ballet Repertoire creates a unity among the group's members, through discipline, harmony research and musicality, conveying to the public the sense of the classical tradition. 
On the other hand, the creation of specifical choreographies dedicated for the JBL increase the skills of the dancers in the staging.

In just a few years, the JUNIOR BALLET LOVERE has become one of the most important dance entity in Lombardy, its choreutic-associative model has been and continues to be a trailblazer for many nascent artistic initiatives.






From the beginning, the Junior Ballet Lovere has focused on the direct promotion of Classical Ballet through its Corps de Ballet. Presenting itself on different artistic stages, with an increasingly varied programme aimed at various types of audience, the Junior Ballet Lovere has been able to create real opportunities for social interaction and aggregation, places of quality cultural events, rich in artistic creativity.

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